Saturday, December 12, 2009

And C-wizz Comes Up Short Again......

ight c-wizz here,bumpin "asthma attack" by B/A while writing this.........ight imam push the tape back till January 30th,A.K.A. 2 weeks longer then what it was planned......reasons being because i was suppose 2 record the past 3 weeks.but between my heart n being sick 2day.i hadn't been able to,cause when i rap i have 2 breathe threw my nose n hold my breath,which i can't do when my nose all clogged n i had already breathing troubles from the heart thing....but @ least i got a tracklist good enough? here it is:

2.Street Player-Prod.C-wizz
3.Perfect Execution-FT.Perfect Stranger-Prod.C-wizz
4.Bet You Didn't Know-Prod.C-wizz
5.What Could It-FT.Complex-Prod.C-wizz
7.Bonus Section(skit)-Prod.C-wizz
8.Sign Up-Crissxb & C-wizz-Prod.C-wizz
9.Echo-Adrieanna Ft.C-wizz Prod.C-wizz
10.Making The Band-Prod.C-wizz
11.Get Out(Outro)-Prod.C-wizz

^^^^^^^^^^^ ight now it could be 12 cause my homie harold(i noe im spelling it wrong my bad homie) said he'll lace me with a beat.if i get it in time for this tape imma use it would be 12 songs........on the real tho don't sleep on this.....forreal.....the other projects will be cleard up once you hear the tell ya 2 fans(lol) and tweet it.....Jan.30th "The Opposite Ends Of The Spectrum" will drop......Jan.16th next single "Street Player" will drop in place of the tape not dropping...........anyway im gettin my midi dope lol

yes im pissed about havin 2 hold this back.....Jan.1 your hunger for great music will be temperally be feed.........more thats all im gonna/can say....peace,


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just for the record...

Yes, I'm here. Always have been.


Monday, December 7, 2009



Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This Is An EP

You download it...and I'm to lazy to say more

Friday, November 27, 2009

C-wizz's 2010 Plans

09 is already done for me......on to the next 1(no Jay z) ..anyway this may be a long blog dependin on if i wanan type alot lol......anyway heres my plans.......January 16th,2010 is not only my birthday(gonna be 17), it is also the day the self-anticipated(yes,i noe sad lmfao) mixtape "The Opposite Ends Of The Spectrum".......9 tracks, 2 skits,11 overall......then i plan on doin a remix tape,remixin 5 songs on there,n 2 from my frist mixtape "Beat Jackers"....i wanna drop that like late i tell plex n others,i got like 5 verses for eevry song i do,n i keep em writtin is already done........then is 2 more will be about 20 songs long.....just another tape.but im goin all out for this will sound like a lp but is a mixtape cause of sample b.s.(im not gonna sample 2 much on this tape).....n like i said im not producin everything on that tape like i am my previous work..........then i have a "project"....ok some background info......during christmas break,i'm bangin out hella tracks,but i will also teach myself 2 play guitar(i had 1 for like 8 yrs now)....played it once.....cause i discoverd rap was for me,but i will teach myself(should b easy,im a fast learner with this kinda shit)so i'll get back 2 that later......i also like techno,synth pop imma do some experimental shit like that....ok back 2 the rock shit,i will be doing a DOUBLE DISC LP...not mixtape...lp........10 songs rock influenced(me playin guitar,but its like linkin park n gym class heros rock)....i dont really plan on singing in the songs,just rapping over rock beats i make.......thats disc 1........disc 2 is also 10 songs......5 electro/techno/synth pop..whatever......but imma still rap dont get it wrong..n 5 tracks rap....just songs that dont make my next tapes......WAIT it doesn't stop there......late summer/early fall.......i got a suprize for u(plex noes what it could be,aint set in stone).....but a suprize elts just say that

till then c-wizz out......thats alotta info i leaked...............imma have fun recording these songs...n learnin guitar.....but imma get my rapping tapes out first.then around the time of all this....i will have fun recording the experimental tape.......anyway.i got a shit load of ppl i produced and currently am producing for..that is droppin next thats bout it

c-wizz out

*keeps listenin to linkin park lol..................

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Walking on a Dream / The Thrill

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Abstrakt Alias vs. Diggy Simmons?

Seen his updates on Twitter and a few of his songs being featured on "Deal With No Deal". Better yet, his mixtape, "The First Flight" is coming out on Black Friday, next week; The same time I'm trying to come out with my mixtape "The White Rhymebook" (and, maybe it will come out then and maybe it won't) and I noticed that we're both the same age...and I also really like Run's House. Sooo, exactly WHAT am I trying to say?

I dunno. I haven't got to listen to some of his songs that he leaked, but I just want to see who's better...or at least hear how his voice sounds rapping, since he has such a scrappy voice. Meh. I wish him the best of luck, even though I'm the one who needs it.

EDIT: Also, I'm liking his fashion blog. Go Diggy.

EDIT 2: Or maybe I just want to collab with the dude?

EDIT 3: Also, we have the same first name.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Here's also some info on my mixtape: 9 songs written & 2 songs done out of 15 songs. Get at meeeee.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ok Ok Ok

C-wizz here......i been absent for awhile,my bad i was ditchin...............anyway.........not this tuesday.................but next tuesday........i plan on droppin my next single "Bet You Didn't Know"..which i made the beat 2 sample's rick james and smokey robision's
"Ebony Eyes"..........should b pretty that all i have 2 say.i plan on a new single next week

P.S. Rocsi please get @ me.............................



Saturday, November 14, 2009



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Official Mixtape Artwork


Cameron The Hamilton

Download it. Now excuse me while I bump S-Preme's Sick Tape Vol.2. Yall should cop that too. It's better than Wale's album and it's free. Oh and happy birthday to Charles Hamilton who produced a joint on S-Preme's tape.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Held Back

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ via
i do not own that pic btw,i do not claim to own it
this is just an offical announcement that my mixtape his held back to january 16th,2010 a.k.a. my birthday(imma b 17 yall) tape now has 11 tracks,well 2 skits,9 overall tracks
Cameron The Hamilton THIS TUESDAY
support the homie plex forreal
btw happy b day charles hamilton in advance,in case i dont post it on tuesday lol,imma b bumpin plex's new tape 2 much

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

As professional as I get

November 10th. According to the homie Copastetik at DealWithNoDeal, all three of my upcoming projects will be on their site. I need to hit him up for permission to put the site URL on the cover. I'd feel much more official that way. But anyway, I talked to someone important yesterday. The real person that made the project possible. I asked him how he felt about me doing this, and he said do it. That's the best approval I can get for this.

Monday, November 2, 2009

M&M's & Skittles

Getting my new condenser mic tomorrow. Good music, here we come.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Inspiration Strikes Like a Lightning Bolt...

People complain about how I don't blog so much...


I've found the direction I want for my new tape.
I'm doing the cover (again) and I want to look for someone to host it.
(Aplomb Clothing maybe, DJ Nominal maybe, but it has to be DMV-related.)
The tape will be called "Discovery".
It is about me and my discovery of who I truly am as an artist, and where I want to travel in this industry.
It will be out sometime in the winter. December at the earliest, February at the latest.
There will be 14 tracks.
I'm envisioning who will have features, although I keep them light for some reason.
I hope this will gather me some buzz.
By the time it's done, I hope to have Pro Tools available at my disposal for better mixing & mastering quality.
I know you will enjoy it. As a definite.

My other endeavors I will speak very little of...
I am hoping to put together an EP of original material from some producers I have contact with. (C-wizz, DJ Shynin, Verbal, etc.)
I also do spoken word, and I am hoping to get a HUGE opportunity poppin' in the VERY near-future.

I think I have said enough now... Goodbye.

~UpSet the SetUp~

C-wizz's Next Two Projects

Ight,C-wizz here again.......i wanna give info on "The Opposite Ends Of The Spectrum" and my untitled mixtape. lets begin

The Opposite Ends Of The Spectrum-December i been really not giving any deeper info on this here it is...i made every beat.....wrote the whole tape during a mad writers block,n i was goin thru some shit during the time of writing,so the i guess "darker" beats and samples i used explains it.....want a tracklist?????? OK

1.Welcome(Intro) -just a compalation of drops from homies...with a dark beat prod. me

2.Street Player-I really didn't write for this yet..but is gonna b dope word 2 chrisdotrivera

3.What could it Featuring Complex-talkin bout being shy with some girls cause im mad shy

4.Making The Band-unsigned artist anthem.....done

5.Dreams(Outro)Featuring The Perfect Strangers-Its gonna sound like i sampled somethin,nope i didn't,but the track is about how we got where we are in this game

6.Bonus Track Untitled-Crissxb Featuring C-wizz(prod.c-wizz) beat is lyrics r dope...i think its still for crissxb's tape idk.either way its gonna b on my tape

7.Hate-Futrue&C-wizz- This is the first single off of me n futures collab tape,thats y its a bonus,it talks about hate.........dark track lol.i have my agressive voiceovers(1 of 2 tracks with em)

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^DECEMBER 18TH....I NEED 2 START RECORDING

Now to the untitled 2nd tape......Me and Chris Rivera are doing it double disc style,April 1st it drops,1 side me,1 side chris...........10 on my behalf.nothing written but i got 3 beats i made.....imma produce 7.......3 TRACKS I WILL NOT PRODUCE.....i want a beat from complex (even if i co produce it),me and my homie Zeke are gonna have our collab beat on there........and I NEED 1 MORE PRODUCER..........any ideas? some1 hook up 1 free beat lol


Some back story

So, I feel like blogging. So I'll give yall a bit of back story type ish.

Anyone who has heard all 3 of my mixtapes knows about C-Money, Killa Kam, and ComPL3xX.

C-Money was my first nickname. I got it from a teacher in like 4th grade cuz even then I was about my paper. Killa Kam came about in 8th grade, and stuck with me. Since then I've been known by both of those names. Originally I was gonna rap under the name C-Money. My first three songs were credited to that name. Then I changed to Complex. After my second tape I changed the spelling to ComPL3xX so it's easier to find in a search.

But the thing is, I've always been weird like that when it comes to names and personality shit. Even when I was little I would talk to myself and call my self "we" or "us" and still do.

But now for details on these three delinquents in my head.

ComPL3xX is the rapper, artist, musician, thinker, etc. He's the smart one. And he's the most known around these cyber streets

C-Money is what people who have known me for a long time know me as. He's the hustler. Hes aboubt getting money and I'm on my c-money shit whenever I need to be.

Killa Kam is probably as gangster as I'll ever get. I got this from a "gangster" and this was back when I thought it was cool to be "gangster". I guess I'd say he's the one with the anger issues and the one who goes around fighting niggas.

This little trio even has a few songs and skits

The "Talking To Myself" skit on my first tape and the song on there called "Three-Headed Monster" is them.

On the second tape we have the "That One Story" skit and the song "Face On My Spaceship" which is probably the stupidest song I've ever made, but I like making people laugh so it's there.

On the third tape they're on more tracks, but only have a subtle presence.
3 A.M. is them. First verse is C-Money, Second verse is ComPL3xX, and third verse is Kam. But I didn't even realize they came out in there until after I dropped the tape. That's why they don't have the voices, but I assure you it's them. I only do the voices to let people know who is who. When I know who is who.

They're also on Binge. Telling me what to do and what not. I don't even remember who was saying what.

Then there's The Listening Party. We rapped a whole conversation. By the way, the difference between C-Money and ComPL3xX is that ComPL3xX sounds more serious. C-Money sounds a bit more hyper and upbeat.

Then we've got Raw Metal, where you can here those fools in the background and they are no help to me at all.

But anyway....I'm done for now



Saturday, October 24, 2009

Whoops, my power level is showing /a/gain.

Gotta Be Abstrakt

I need to get some sleep. I really need to exercise more. I really need to resist temptation. And I really need to stop procrastinating.

I really need a condenser mic. I really need to find a style I like. I really need to network. I really need to get better at work.

I really wasn't trying to rhyme, but shit comes naturally, I suppose. Anyway, making music has been really slow. Writing & recording, since my equipment is inadequate.

Anyway, let's talk about "I Can Do Me All By Myself ", the album. It's gonna be dope. You can't listen to the whole album without having a favorite. And I didn't even start writing anything yet, lol. Not because I'm cocky, but I just have a strong feeling about this one.

Also: Clae high top shoes are looking pretty hot.

Abstrakt~Stranger Danger.

Friday, October 23, 2009

C-wizz "Making The Band"Prod.C-wizz

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Cover by @chrisdotrivera
First single off my tape...enjoy imma let u describe the track 2 me
mixed by complex....thanks homie

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sonic Visualizations


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Making The Band Out This Friday

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Mixtape Cover By Chrisdotrivera
C-wizz here,My first single to "The Opposite Ends Of The Spectrum" is out this friday.......I made the beat...sampled an earth wind and fire song..........and me on the rapping etc..........chrisdotrivera(who is doing all the album cover work) made the cover to it......which i will release with the track...its dope.......complex is mixing the joint...thanks homie

peace every1

Saturday, October 17, 2009


So, anyone who follows me on Twitter may have seen me talking about my EP or even seen me post this:


That's the cover. 6 tracks.

1. Wise Words
2. Fear
3. Anger
4. Hate
5. Suffering
6. End of The Road...Start of Another

No features. 3/4 actual songs are produced by Mass Effekt. It'll be out November 29th 2009 which is the day I started on this road.

Also everyone hit up

I'm currently like the first post on there lol but that'll change soon. You can always search Compl3xX and find some stuff from me on there. Pretty sure MDP has been on there and some stuff produced by cwizz on there too. Abstrakt, step ya blog game up! ahaha

5/16(?) for my untitled Mixtape that we'll call IV for now

And I'm out.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"The Opposite End Of The Spectrum" Pushed Back Till December 18th

Ay c-wizz here (a.k.a. the dude with the dullest personality outta da 4 of us lol)...ok so i pushed it back for numerous problems.not cause of time...shits gonna be done by halloween.....its because of a few things:

1.Artwork: I don't have a cover either gonna have plex or chrisdot lace that up lol..and then i gotta give chrisdot time to make the single covers,he making a cover for every track....real thats gonna take more then a month 2 do

2.Features: I gotta have future finish "hate" cause thats a bonus track,crissxb and my collab is gonna be on there,i gotta give him time to record that,complex is on 2 tracks,mdp 1,and stract on 1,and they all working on their i'll give them till december 5th for features lol

3.I wanna release 2 singles first.....first one is a lil track called,"Making The Band(No Diddy)"...i want to have that create some buzz......and then the second one will be "Street Player"...and i wanna shot a video for it ( shootin with my 5 dollar camera)...but i wanna release the vid before i drop the tape

good reasons yes or no?

might i add r.i.p. to my dog baron........

december 18th

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shout out to CrissB♪

As for fun facts, I'll try to get those in next Friday since I was mad busy over the weekend.

Friday, October 9, 2009

C-wizz'z fun facts for friday

OK FOLKS,TODAY IS FUN FACT FRIDAY....Facts you may not know about me

-I'M 16 (17 IN JANUARY)



Thursday, October 8, 2009

"The Other Side Of The Spectrum"

Whats good,c-wizz here............. ok the title at the top is the title of my mixtape dropping on the same day as complex drops,sometime late november...every beat is sample the catch there are only 5 tracks.....7 with bonus tracks..all produced and written by me......why did i name the mixtapethis and change the name from what i had??? well my homie j gunz from the chi brought it up...cause i don't think like other people....and im like on a new level of im on the other side of the i can't give a tracklist yet.....but i can say complex is on the third track,the whole perfect strangers crew is on the outro,future is featured on a bonus track,crissxb is on the other bonus homie who runs whereischarleshamilton chris dot rivera is going to make the album cover,and a cover for each track......gonna be big.........i hope to drop the first single before thats what i'm up to..then after that my next 7 tape mixtape will be called "Confort Music" cause that is what i been needing for so long..................well thats my project coming out in november called "The Other Side Of The Spectrum" 2morrw is fun fact friday..where me n i hope the rest of the crew will post facts about us you may not know............On a serious goin threw some hard times n 2morrw is gonna be the worst.....i have 2 put my dog 2 ppl please be easy on depressed,(not in a shinin' way)...but im gonna be depressed for a good month more (no emo).....but 2morrw is gonna be the twit me @cwizzproduction and make me laugh,send some good new music for me 2 hear,send some cool youtube vids lol......cause imma be at an alltime low imma need help from the fans and the perfect strangers crew....sorry for me ruuning off my problems.....but please help me thru my hard times........


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The White Notebook...err, I mean Rhymebook

Abstrakt here to tell you guys about my next Mixtape called "TheWhiteRhymeBook." The lack of spaces in the title just makes it even sexier.

The concept of it will just be about my life, and shit ya'll may relate to. School, girls, white girls, haters, nightmares, determination etc. With a track produced by Cwizz and another track on there with the whole Perfect Strangers crew in there.

Anyways, on a whole OTHER subject...I got an album-type thing going on after the mixtape called "I Can Do Me All By Myself" which the bulk of the album will be produced by a producer whom I may keep a secret. If it were Cwizz, then I would've told you it was Cwizz, even though he's a beast with the beats, it's someone else. And, no, Complex, it's not J.D. either, even though his beats are also pretty dope. In this one, it'll depend heavily on sampling and all of that and sounds a bit like XV, but it's not.

That's all for now. Stranger Danger? Dream on~

Monday, October 5, 2009

Well, as I said earlier, I'm gonna throw up an run down of my last mixtape, since theres a real concept behind all the songs

1. Welcome To The Dead Zone - My room=The Dead Zone, and there's very little comunication with the outside world from here. And most of this tape takes place in my room

2. Binge - This is what I do during long nights of recording. A personal favorite item of my mine is Crush Orange Soda, in a bottle. None of that can shit. Also, cream soda is fire too. This is also how I obtained my current sickness, binging on poptarts haha

3. 3 am[Skit] - Quite a decent time, if I do say so myself

4. 3 AM - Details of the events that happen at 3 am in my room that usually involve myself and my alter egos which will probably be explained in a later post

5. Morning Blues - I wake up...and then I take my ass back to bed

6. Grounded For Life - I ground myself to get work done

7. Breaking Windows - The lyrical embodiment of my hours spent online

8. Ducked Off - Ducked Off is a term used around here that means hidden or out of sight, and during the early stages of this tape I was ducked off and got a call from my friends asking whats up with me and I told them I'd been trying to get through a two week writers block

9. Sounds of ComPL3xX[Skit] - Sounds from my life. Really.

10. Summer Time - I really spend a lot less time in my room than the rest of this tape makes it seem. Gotta love summer.

11. Ladies Love - The main thing on my mind when I'm out

12. Transformer - Good movie that I saw with my bro and a friend. It's part of summer, which is in turn part of my life.

13. Cribs[Skit] - I went to a summer camp(Not is corny as it seems, we had a duplex and got to hit up key west, go para sailing, wake boarding, and way more shit) and this is a sound clip from a video we made

14. Cribs - Sometimes, I just need to leave. So I did. For a week.

15. Leave Me - Sometimes, I just wanna be left alone. Oh yeah, and this one is made by a fellow perfect stranger, c-wizz

16. Doesn't Belong - Do my rhymes not belong on songs, or do I not belong on earth?

17. Crazy World - Sometimes life just gets...crazy

18. Long Socks - When I was lonely over summer break, I got to know my shadow pretty well. He's a cool dude

19. The Listening Party - Me, Myself, and I sit down half way through the tape and cut out tracks that don't fit the theme. That's how the Pre-P was made. We also do this at the end after all the tracks are done too and make sure its all good to go. The 3rd verse, more or less, is what it would look like to the naked eye.

20. Outer Space - Everything about me is just out of this world, but I'm not alone. I got to have an MC I got mad respect for on here with me.

21. Outro - Goodbye

22. Bonus Recordings - You want more? Then heres an extra thanks, but first I gotta thank my producer

23. Raw Metal - A song that was gonna have a collab...and a hook...but those all got lost in transition. You can hear my "pals" in the background doing whatever it is they do

Download Link can be found on the side of the blog

Also, check me out on deal with no deal and get an exclusive track, produced by the same guy who made most of the dope ass originals on my last tape.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Michael Darron "MDP" Penn II

What's good? I'm Mike, and now it's known what MDP stands for in case you weren't listening to the first track on my first mixtape... I'm the DMV representative of this collective, and I'll be 16 in January. I started writing poetry at 12, then rapping at 13. My first tape was released last may, and it's called "Basement Bootlegs, Vol. 1: Introduction". It was dismissed as average by me and my critics, although I still push it when I network. I plan on working with the other members frequently in the future and I one day hope to be a journalist and a musician as well. I plan on releasing a tape sometime in December, although it's not promised. The working title is "Anti-Swag: The Antidote", and I hope it'll gain some ground in the internet hip-hop circuit.

Don't forget to hit me up on the net for collabs or any opportunities:
AIM: mdpdmv

Deuces for now...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cameron "ComPL3xX" Van Buren

I'm 15 years old, and as Abstrakt mentioned, I started rapping back in November 08. He and I did our first song together, so I guess he and I aren't really strangers. But anyway, I've got 4 projects floating around the net. My first tape, "Chapter 1: The Cynic" which received mixed reviews and was, well, awful. Since then I've worked a lot. I've got enough songs for 3 mixtapes in the vault that are nearly a year old and will never be released. I released "Space Cartel" soon after recording those many aforementioned songs and soon followed with "The Pre-P" which was a pre-mixtape EP of 5 songs that I cut from my 3rd mixtape, "The Life of ComPL3xX", a concept tape that tells the story of an average summer day in my life, which has either single songs or the full piece of work featured on many small blogs around the net. I'll be posting a track by track run-down of the story soon enough. Now, I've got a concept EP in the works which has to do with star wars and it should be coming soon. Untill then, enjoy my large body of work.

Daniel "Abstrakt" Butler

Sup? I'm Abstrakt from Queens, New York, probably the youngest of the group and probably the hardest one to understand. Or so I'd like to think. Anyway, I started rapping alongside ComPL3Xx back in November 2008. We both improved quality-wise and lyrically since then. I've had one mixtape that released called "My Memory's Museum" which received a lot of attention (mostly negative) since I wasn't as expierenced then. You probally won't hear it anytime soon. I also have "Da L33k" which was just a short EP showing my progress. Then I planned to have a 808's & Heartbreak-type mixtape due to some personal expierences with a girl I thought I was in love with. It was called "affection & Rejection". But then I got over it and shelved the mixtape. The next mixtape I have planned is called "The White Rhyme Book" which basically describes certain parts of my life from love, to school, to nightmares, Anyway, I'm hoping that this drops Octyober 30th. Hit me up on or

Chris "C-wizz" Morrison

Hello yall,1/4 of the site. I'm C-wizz from Chicago,Illinois.I make beats and rap. I started rapping when i was like 7 but recorded when i was 14. I started producing also at that age using Fl Studio. I've produced for artist such as Donte J,Dre P,Jae,Complex,Mdp(future tracks),J Gunz,Future,Myself,etc. I dropepd Beat Jackers Vol.1 awhile back,terrible quality so you prob. won't hear it. C-wizzstrumentals which is now on the site,is a bunch of 2 year old beats of mine.Please DL!. Shouts 2 Abstrakt,Complex and Mdp. I plan on working with them all(def. more work with complex). Any ?'s hit me up at

Thank You all for support,I plan on,with the 3 homies supporting,to drop the best tracks i can,rapping and producing


What up

Hello internet. I'm ComPL3xX. You can just type Complex to save time. But if you ever searching for my music, go with ComPL3xX. So and my three counterparts who I have never met are all musicians. And we're gonna make music together as well as solo and post it here. Basically we're gonna help each other...I guess. lol

So I'll leave this here: