Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cameron "ComPL3xX" Van Buren

I'm 15 years old, and as Abstrakt mentioned, I started rapping back in November 08. He and I did our first song together, so I guess he and I aren't really strangers. But anyway, I've got 4 projects floating around the net. My first tape, "Chapter 1: The Cynic" which received mixed reviews and was, well, awful. Since then I've worked a lot. I've got enough songs for 3 mixtapes in the vault that are nearly a year old and will never be released. I released "Space Cartel" soon after recording those many aforementioned songs and soon followed with "The Pre-P" which was a pre-mixtape EP of 5 songs that I cut from my 3rd mixtape, "The Life of ComPL3xX", a concept tape that tells the story of an average summer day in my life, which has either single songs or the full piece of work featured on many small blogs around the net. I'll be posting a track by track run-down of the story soon enough. Now, I've got a concept EP in the works which has to do with star wars and it should be coming soon. Untill then, enjoy my large body of work.