Saturday, October 24, 2009

Whoops, my power level is showing /a/gain.

Gotta Be Abstrakt

I need to get some sleep. I really need to exercise more. I really need to resist temptation. And I really need to stop procrastinating.

I really need a condenser mic. I really need to find a style I like. I really need to network. I really need to get better at work.

I really wasn't trying to rhyme, but shit comes naturally, I suppose. Anyway, making music has been really slow. Writing & recording, since my equipment is inadequate.

Anyway, let's talk about "I Can Do Me All By Myself ", the album. It's gonna be dope. You can't listen to the whole album without having a favorite. And I didn't even start writing anything yet, lol. Not because I'm cocky, but I just have a strong feeling about this one.

Also: Clae high top shoes are looking pretty hot.

Abstrakt~Stranger Danger.