Saturday, December 12, 2009

And C-wizz Comes Up Short Again......

ight c-wizz here,bumpin "asthma attack" by B/A while writing this.........ight imam push the tape back till January 30th,A.K.A. 2 weeks longer then what it was planned......reasons being because i was suppose 2 record the past 3 weeks.but between my heart n being sick 2day.i hadn't been able to,cause when i rap i have 2 breathe threw my nose n hold my breath,which i can't do when my nose all clogged n i had already breathing troubles from the heart thing....but @ least i got a tracklist good enough? here it is:

2.Street Player-Prod.C-wizz
3.Perfect Execution-FT.Perfect Stranger-Prod.C-wizz
4.Bet You Didn't Know-Prod.C-wizz
5.What Could It-FT.Complex-Prod.C-wizz
7.Bonus Section(skit)-Prod.C-wizz
8.Sign Up-Crissxb & C-wizz-Prod.C-wizz
9.Echo-Adrieanna Ft.C-wizz Prod.C-wizz
10.Making The Band-Prod.C-wizz
11.Get Out(Outro)-Prod.C-wizz

^^^^^^^^^^^ ight now it could be 12 cause my homie harold(i noe im spelling it wrong my bad homie) said he'll lace me with a beat.if i get it in time for this tape imma use it would be 12 songs........on the real tho don't sleep on this.....forreal.....the other projects will be cleard up once you hear the tell ya 2 fans(lol) and tweet it.....Jan.30th "The Opposite Ends Of The Spectrum" will drop......Jan.16th next single "Street Player" will drop in place of the tape not dropping...........anyway im gettin my midi dope lol

yes im pissed about havin 2 hold this back.....Jan.1 your hunger for great music will be temperally be feed.........more thats all im gonna/can say....peace,