Sunday, October 25, 2009

Inspiration Strikes Like a Lightning Bolt...

People complain about how I don't blog so much...


I've found the direction I want for my new tape.
I'm doing the cover (again) and I want to look for someone to host it.
(Aplomb Clothing maybe, DJ Nominal maybe, but it has to be DMV-related.)
The tape will be called "Discovery".
It is about me and my discovery of who I truly am as an artist, and where I want to travel in this industry.
It will be out sometime in the winter. December at the earliest, February at the latest.
There will be 14 tracks.
I'm envisioning who will have features, although I keep them light for some reason.
I hope this will gather me some buzz.
By the time it's done, I hope to have Pro Tools available at my disposal for better mixing & mastering quality.
I know you will enjoy it. As a definite.

My other endeavors I will speak very little of...
I am hoping to put together an EP of original material from some producers I have contact with. (C-wizz, DJ Shynin, Verbal, etc.)
I also do spoken word, and I am hoping to get a HUGE opportunity poppin' in the VERY near-future.

I think I have said enough now... Goodbye.

~UpSet the SetUp~