Sunday, October 25, 2009

C-wizz's Next Two Projects

Ight,C-wizz here again.......i wanna give info on "The Opposite Ends Of The Spectrum" and my untitled mixtape. lets begin

The Opposite Ends Of The Spectrum-December i been really not giving any deeper info on this here it is...i made every beat.....wrote the whole tape during a mad writers block,n i was goin thru some shit during the time of writing,so the i guess "darker" beats and samples i used explains it.....want a tracklist?????? OK

1.Welcome(Intro) -just a compalation of drops from homies...with a dark beat prod. me

2.Street Player-I really didn't write for this yet..but is gonna b dope word 2 chrisdotrivera

3.What could it Featuring Complex-talkin bout being shy with some girls cause im mad shy

4.Making The Band-unsigned artist anthem.....done

5.Dreams(Outro)Featuring The Perfect Strangers-Its gonna sound like i sampled somethin,nope i didn't,but the track is about how we got where we are in this game

6.Bonus Track Untitled-Crissxb Featuring C-wizz(prod.c-wizz) beat is lyrics r dope...i think its still for crissxb's tape idk.either way its gonna b on my tape

7.Hate-Futrue&C-wizz- This is the first single off of me n futures collab tape,thats y its a bonus,it talks about hate.........dark track lol.i have my agressive voiceovers(1 of 2 tracks with em)

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^DECEMBER 18TH....I NEED 2 START RECORDING

Now to the untitled 2nd tape......Me and Chris Rivera are doing it double disc style,April 1st it drops,1 side me,1 side chris...........10 on my behalf.nothing written but i got 3 beats i made.....imma produce 7.......3 TRACKS I WILL NOT PRODUCE.....i want a beat from complex (even if i co produce it),me and my homie Zeke are gonna have our collab beat on there........and I NEED 1 MORE PRODUCER..........any ideas? some1 hook up 1 free beat lol