Sunday, October 4, 2009

Michael Darron "MDP" Penn II

What's good? I'm Mike, and now it's known what MDP stands for in case you weren't listening to the first track on my first mixtape... I'm the DMV representative of this collective, and I'll be 16 in January. I started writing poetry at 12, then rapping at 13. My first tape was released last may, and it's called "Basement Bootlegs, Vol. 1: Introduction". It was dismissed as average by me and my critics, although I still push it when I network. I plan on working with the other members frequently in the future and I one day hope to be a journalist and a musician as well. I plan on releasing a tape sometime in December, although it's not promised. The working title is "Anti-Swag: The Antidote", and I hope it'll gain some ground in the internet hip-hop circuit.

Don't forget to hit me up on the net for collabs or any opportunities:
AIM: mdpdmv

Deuces for now...