Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The White Notebook...err, I mean Rhymebook

Abstrakt here to tell you guys about my next Mixtape called "TheWhiteRhymeBook." The lack of spaces in the title just makes it even sexier.

The concept of it will just be about my life, and shit ya'll may relate to. School, girls, white girls, haters, nightmares, determination etc. With a track produced by Cwizz and another track on there with the whole Perfect Strangers crew in there.

Anyways, on a whole OTHER subject...I got an album-type thing going on after the mixtape called "I Can Do Me All By Myself" which the bulk of the album will be produced by a producer whom I may keep a secret. If it were Cwizz, then I would've told you it was Cwizz, even though he's a beast with the beats, it's someone else. And, no, Complex, it's not J.D. either, even though his beats are also pretty dope. In this one, it'll depend heavily on sampling and all of that and sounds a bit like XV, but it's not.

That's all for now. Stranger Danger? Dream on~