Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some back story

So, I feel like blogging. So I'll give yall a bit of back story type ish.

Anyone who has heard all 3 of my mixtapes knows about C-Money, Killa Kam, and ComPL3xX.

C-Money was my first nickname. I got it from a teacher in like 4th grade cuz even then I was about my paper. Killa Kam came about in 8th grade, and stuck with me. Since then I've been known by both of those names. Originally I was gonna rap under the name C-Money. My first three songs were credited to that name. Then I changed to Complex. After my second tape I changed the spelling to ComPL3xX so it's easier to find in a search.

But the thing is, I've always been weird like that when it comes to names and personality shit. Even when I was little I would talk to myself and call my self "we" or "us" and still do.

But now for details on these three delinquents in my head.

ComPL3xX is the rapper, artist, musician, thinker, etc. He's the smart one. And he's the most known around these cyber streets

C-Money is what people who have known me for a long time know me as. He's the hustler. Hes aboubt getting money and I'm on my c-money shit whenever I need to be.

Killa Kam is probably as gangster as I'll ever get. I got this from a "gangster" and this was back when I thought it was cool to be "gangster". I guess I'd say he's the one with the anger issues and the one who goes around fighting niggas.

This little trio even has a few songs and skits

The "Talking To Myself" skit on my first tape and the song on there called "Three-Headed Monster" is them.

On the second tape we have the "That One Story" skit and the song "Face On My Spaceship" which is probably the stupidest song I've ever made, but I like making people laugh so it's there.

On the third tape they're on more tracks, but only have a subtle presence.
3 A.M. is them. First verse is C-Money, Second verse is ComPL3xX, and third verse is Kam. But I didn't even realize they came out in there until after I dropped the tape. That's why they don't have the voices, but I assure you it's them. I only do the voices to let people know who is who. When I know who is who.

They're also on Binge. Telling me what to do and what not. I don't even remember who was saying what.

Then there's The Listening Party. We rapped a whole conversation. By the way, the difference between C-Money and ComPL3xX is that ComPL3xX sounds more serious. C-Money sounds a bit more hyper and upbeat.

Then we've got Raw Metal, where you can here those fools in the background and they are no help to me at all.

But anyway....I'm done for now