Monday, October 5, 2009

Well, as I said earlier, I'm gonna throw up an run down of my last mixtape, since theres a real concept behind all the songs

1. Welcome To The Dead Zone - My room=The Dead Zone, and there's very little comunication with the outside world from here. And most of this tape takes place in my room

2. Binge - This is what I do during long nights of recording. A personal favorite item of my mine is Crush Orange Soda, in a bottle. None of that can shit. Also, cream soda is fire too. This is also how I obtained my current sickness, binging on poptarts haha

3. 3 am[Skit] - Quite a decent time, if I do say so myself

4. 3 AM - Details of the events that happen at 3 am in my room that usually involve myself and my alter egos which will probably be explained in a later post

5. Morning Blues - I wake up...and then I take my ass back to bed

6. Grounded For Life - I ground myself to get work done

7. Breaking Windows - The lyrical embodiment of my hours spent online

8. Ducked Off - Ducked Off is a term used around here that means hidden or out of sight, and during the early stages of this tape I was ducked off and got a call from my friends asking whats up with me and I told them I'd been trying to get through a two week writers block

9. Sounds of ComPL3xX[Skit] - Sounds from my life. Really.

10. Summer Time - I really spend a lot less time in my room than the rest of this tape makes it seem. Gotta love summer.

11. Ladies Love - The main thing on my mind when I'm out

12. Transformer - Good movie that I saw with my bro and a friend. It's part of summer, which is in turn part of my life.

13. Cribs[Skit] - I went to a summer camp(Not is corny as it seems, we had a duplex and got to hit up key west, go para sailing, wake boarding, and way more shit) and this is a sound clip from a video we made

14. Cribs - Sometimes, I just need to leave. So I did. For a week.

15. Leave Me - Sometimes, I just wanna be left alone. Oh yeah, and this one is made by a fellow perfect stranger, c-wizz

16. Doesn't Belong - Do my rhymes not belong on songs, or do I not belong on earth?

17. Crazy World - Sometimes life just gets...crazy

18. Long Socks - When I was lonely over summer break, I got to know my shadow pretty well. He's a cool dude

19. The Listening Party - Me, Myself, and I sit down half way through the tape and cut out tracks that don't fit the theme. That's how the Pre-P was made. We also do this at the end after all the tracks are done too and make sure its all good to go. The 3rd verse, more or less, is what it would look like to the naked eye.

20. Outer Space - Everything about me is just out of this world, but I'm not alone. I got to have an MC I got mad respect for on here with me.

21. Outro - Goodbye

22. Bonus Recordings - You want more? Then heres an extra thanks, but first I gotta thank my producer

23. Raw Metal - A song that was gonna have a collab...and a hook...but those all got lost in transition. You can hear my "pals" in the background doing whatever it is they do

Download Link can be found on the side of the blog

Also, check me out on deal with no deal and get an exclusive track, produced by the same guy who made most of the dope ass originals on my last tape.