Thursday, October 15, 2009

"The Opposite End Of The Spectrum" Pushed Back Till December 18th

Ay c-wizz here (a.k.a. the dude with the dullest personality outta da 4 of us lol)...ok so i pushed it back for numerous problems.not cause of time...shits gonna be done by halloween.....its because of a few things:

1.Artwork: I don't have a cover either gonna have plex or chrisdot lace that up lol..and then i gotta give chrisdot time to make the single covers,he making a cover for every track....real thats gonna take more then a month 2 do

2.Features: I gotta have future finish "hate" cause thats a bonus track,crissxb and my collab is gonna be on there,i gotta give him time to record that,complex is on 2 tracks,mdp 1,and stract on 1,and they all working on their i'll give them till december 5th for features lol

3.I wanna release 2 singles first.....first one is a lil track called,"Making The Band(No Diddy)"...i want to have that create some buzz......and then the second one will be "Street Player"...and i wanna shot a video for it ( shootin with my 5 dollar camera)...but i wanna release the vid before i drop the tape

good reasons yes or no?

might i add r.i.p. to my dog baron........

december 18th